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Bernedoodle Coco laying on her back
Bernedoodle Coco puppy in girl's arms
Bernedoodle Coco on kitchen floor

F1B Mini - 30lb Bernedoodle

Say hello to Coco, our very own F1B Bernedoodle who's the heart and soul of our home. She's the one who started it all for us—after falling head over heels for her, we just knew we had to share the joy she brings with others through breeding. Coco's got this chill vibe that we adore; she's laid-back but never says no to a good romp with our other doodle. Her absolute favorite thing is getting belly rubs, and she's got this funny habit of lounging on the couch right behind us, kind of like a cat claiming its favorite spot in the sun.

Coco's got a coat that turns heads—it's this cool merle pattern that looks like splashes of paint on a canvas, and it's super curly and fluffy. She's pretty compact, tipping the scales at a neat 30 pounds.

We did her genetic testing through Embark. For anyone curious about what makes Coco so special on the inside, here's the scoop in plain talk:

  • 50% Poodle (Standard): Half of her is the brainy and non-shedding Poodle we all love.

  • 25% Poodle (Small): The other chunk of her Poodle side comes from the smaller, cuddly kind.

  • 25% Bernese Mountain Dog: And the rest? That's all the lovable, loyal Bernese coming through.

  • Merle (M*m): She's got one copy of this gene that gives her that beautiful, patchy coat.

  • Furnished (FF): Thanks to this, she's got the full, bushy eyebrows and beard that make her face so expressive.

  • Not a carrier for common health issues: Coco's tests came back all clear, which means healthier puppies.

  • Non-dilute (DD): Her color's bold and bright, no fading here.

  • One copy of brown (Bb): She could have brown puppies if paired with another dog that has the brown gene.

DNA Health Summary from Embark

Gradient Ocean


F1B Mini - 30lb Bernedoodle

Here’s Kira, our vibrant and affectionate Bernedoodle who’s all about love and liveliness, and is one of our family dogs with Coco. She’s the energetic spark in our family, always ready to sprinkle a little excitement into our day. Kira's special talent? She’s got some smooth moves and can stand and dance on her hind paws like she’s got the music in her!

Kira’s got this one-of-a-kind look with heterochromia. She has a sparkling blue eye and a warm brown one. Her coat is an eye-catching merle brindle, a blend of swirly colors mixed with cool stripes. She's more black and gray when groomed but it then turns brown when it's longer. Just like Coco, she’s sporting a curly, fully furnished 'do that you just can’t help but run your fingers through.

When we discovered Kira’s double merle gene through testing, it was a surprise, but now we know it's important for her puppy plans. One of the Merle copies appears to be cryptic (not presenting). You can tell that by her dark color coat. She’s the picture of health, but we’re extra careful to choose just the right stud that doesn’t carry the Merle gene. This is super important to make sure all her pups are as healthy and happy as she is. Embark checks for 256 health conditions and Kira is clear on every single one.

Here's the lowdown on what Kira's all about, genetically speaking:

  • Almost 50% Poodle (Small): She's got loads of that smart, fun-loving small Poodle personality.

  • Roughly 25% Bernese Mountain Dog: Bringing in that gentle, friendly Bernese touch.

  • The rest is Poodle (Standard): Adding a bit more of that clever Poodle charm.

  • Double Merle (MM): This is why she's got such a standout coat, and why all her puppies will inherit the Merle pattern. We didn't know about the MM until after we got her but she is completely healthy by genetics and vet exam.

  • Fully Furnished (FF): She's got the full, luscious beard and eyebrows going on.

  • All clear on health checks: Top-to-tail, she's in great shape, both inside and out.

  • No dilution (DD): Her color is rich and vibrant—no washed-out shades for this girl.

Kira’s full of zest and is sure to pass on her energetic spirit to her puppies. She’s not just a pet; she’s a whirlwind of joy wrapped up in fur. Her future little ones are bound to inherit her spunk and good looks, making them the perfect playful companions for any fun-loving family.

DNA Health Summary from Embark

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