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Hollow AKA Ron Burgandy

Bernedoodle Hallow side profile in forest
Adult Bernedoodle Hallow sitting in forest
Bernedoodle puppy Hallow sitting in snow

Hallow F1B Mini - 47lb Bernedoodle

Meet Hollow AKA Ron Burgandy from JW Bernedoodles He is medium-sized, 100% genetically clear, and beautiful. His chocolate coat makes for great puppies. He is tri-colored and has a great temperament.

He has had beautiful Bernedoodle and Aussie Mountaindoodle puppies.

JW Doodles offers free artificial insemination and a pregnancy guarantee.

Hallow's genetic findings

  • A Locus (Agouti Signaling Protein): at/at, indicating tan points.

  • B Locus (Brown/Chocolate Coat Color): b/b, indicating a brown coat color.

  • D Locus (Dilution): D/D, indicating non-diluted color.

  • E Locus (Extension): E/e, one copy of the recessive yellow/red allele.

  • K Locus (Dominant Black): n/n, indicating patterned coat, non-solid black.

  • M Locus (Merle): m/m, indicating not carrying the Merle gene.

  • S-Locus (Piebald/White Spotting): n/S, one copy of the piebald gene.

  • Curl Loci (Curly Coat): C1/C1, indicating a curly coat.

  • Furnishings (Facial Hair): F/F, indicating the presence of furnishings.

If you are interested in Hallow as a stud dog then please get in touch with JW Doodles at (801) 368-3427‬.

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