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Discover the Charm of Teddy Bear Bernedoodles

A fluffy merle Bernedoodle on carpet

I just learned about the description "Teddy Bear Bernedoodle". I love the term but what does it even mean? Are my dogs considered Teddy Bear Bernedoodles?

A good description I found is Bernedoodles with particularly plush, soft coats and round, expressive faces that resemble a teddy bear. When I met my first Bernedoodle, I couldn't get over how much it looked like a stuffed animal came to life. It looked like magic. A Teddy Bear description just makes sense. When I take my dogs to the groomers I have already been asking for a "teddy bear" cut.

What Makes a Bernedoodle a "Teddy Bear"?

Coat Type and Texture:

Teddy Bear Bernedoodles tend to have a very plush, soft, and curly coat, similar to that of a teddy bear. This coat type is often the result of inheriting the Poodle's curly fur.

Facial Features:

They may have more pronounced round, soft facial features, making them look more like a stuffed teddy bear. This includes a rounder face, big, expressive eyes, and a softer, less pronounced snout.

Size and Build:

These Bernedoodles might be on the smaller side, particularly if they are part of the mini or tiny Bernedoodle categories. Their build is often more compact, adding to the cuddly teddy bear appearance.

Color and Markings:

While regular Bernedoodles can come in a variety of colors, Teddy Bear Bernedoodles often have the distinctive tri-color pattern (black, white, and brown) of the Bernese Mountain Dog, which can enhance their teddy bear-like look.

Grooming Style:

The way a Bernedoodle is groomed can also contribute to the teddy bear look. Owners might opt for a particular grooming style that maintains a round, fluffy face and body, akin to a stuffed animal. With Bernedoodles you can highlight their mustache or go for the rounded cut around the nose.

While "Teddy Bear" is not an official breed category, it's a look that many in the Bernedoodle community admire.

Teddy Bear Bernedoodles at Oodles of Bernedoodles

The more I learned about Teddy Bear Bernedoodles, the more I realized that was the aesthetic I was already seeking. I aim for mini-size parents, with big round muzzles and faces, curly hair, and striking coat patterns. I also want to produce Bernedoodles that are free from genetic conditions that plague their ancestors such as the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle. I also like multigen Bernedoodles because they can be more predictable with passing on their traits.

Come see the available "Teddy Bear" Bernedoodles on our site to bring some magic into your lives.

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