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Exciting News: Coco's First Litter Coming Soon. Expect Mini Bernedoodles and Merle Bernedoodles! 🐾

Hey, Bernedoodle enthusiasts! Shelly here, and I've got some positively thrilling news to share. Our beloved Coco, the F1B Merle, Mini Bernedoodle, is ready to embark on her journey as a mom! 🌟

A mini Merle Bernedoodle sitting on a kitchen floor
Coco is ready

Coco has officially entered her heat cycle, and we've found the perfect stud for her. His name is Hallow aka Ron Burgandy. Their 'date' is set for next Monday, and the anticipation is through the woof! I've taken extra steps to ensure the health and happiness of the future fur babies by conducting genetic testing on both Coco and her partner. The results? Clear and wonderful, just like Coco's calm and lovely personality. 🧬

A chocolate tri-color Bernedoodle sitting in a forest in front of a river.
Hallow is a handsome stud

I was curious how the two dogs' genetics could work together so I asked ChatGPT to make some pictures based on their genetic profiles. Half of the puppies should be Merles, and there is a high chance of tri-colors, phantoms, and bi-colors. Here are some fun pictures ChatGPT made. I can't wait to test these pictures against the real baby puppies to see how accurate they are.

With Coco weighing in at 30lbs and her partner at 47lbs, we're hoping for mini-sized bundles of joy. 🎉

Keep those puppy-loving eyes peeled for updates! If all goes according to plan, Coco's maternity journey will reach its climax at the end of March. Visit our website for the latest updates on Coco's adventure. And guess what? We're not just local—puppies can find their forever homes nationwide! 🌎🐾

Stay tuned for the perfect blend of cuteness and joy coming your way!

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