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Our Bernedoodle puppies are opening their eyes

I learned that puppies start opening their eyes between 7-10 days. Our litter decided to start late. We have a variety of stages of them opening their eyes from fully open to still closed.

Fun Facts about Bernedoodle puppies' eyes

Delayed Eye Opening for Protection:

Unlike many other animals, puppies are born with their eyes (and ears) closed. This trait is believed to protect them from potential harm during these very vulnerable early days of life, allowing them to develop safely in the protective environment of their nest.

Blue at First:

When puppies first open their eyes, they often have blue or gray eyes regardless of their final eye color, which won't settle until they are about 9 to 12 weeks old. This initial blue is due to a lack of melanin, which will develop as they grow.

Not Fully Functional:

When puppies’ eyes first open, they don’t see very well. Their initial vision is quite blurry, and they can only differentiate between light and shadow. Full vision development takes several more weeks.

Puppy Eyelids:

Puppies' eyelids can sometimes open unevenly; one eye might open before the other. It usually takes up to a week after the first eye opens for both eyes to function normally and in tandem.

Critical Period for Socialization:

The opening of the eyes roughly corresponds with the most critical period for puppy socialization. Seeing their environment and interacting with people and other dogs during this time is crucial for their social development.

Sensory Development Milestone:

The opening of the eyes is part of a series of sensory developments that include the opening of the ears and the start of teething. Each of these milestones marks an exciting new phase in a puppy's exploration of their world.

Puppy Proofing Importance:

As soon as puppies open their eyes, their curiosity significantly spikes, and they start to wander around more. This behavior marks a crucial time for owners to ensure their living spaces are "puppy-proofed" to prevent accidents and ensure safety.

Vulnerable to Light:

Newborn puppies are initially very sensitive to light, and too much exposure can be harmful. Careful control of their environment's lighting can help protect their developing sight.

I'm so excited to see what color our Bernedoodle puppies' eyes are to start and what color they end up with. Mom has brown and Dad has hazel. Merle puppies could also have blue or one eye blue (heterochromia).

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