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Puppy Pregnancy X-Rays

X-Ray of a pregnant dog
Side view - You can see 6 puppies

We are approaching the final days of Coco's pregnancy, a time filled with both excitement and anticipation. As many experienced dog breeders know, this is when X-rays become invaluable. Once the puppies' bones have hardened sufficiently, usually around the 45th day of pregnancy, an X-ray can provide a clear view of the little ones growing inside.

Why opt for an X-ray at this stage? The primary advantage is gaining a precise puppy count. Knowing the exact number of puppies to expect helps prepare for the whelping process. Additionally, the X-ray allows the vet to measure the puppies' skull sizes in relation to Coco's birth canal. This comparison is crucial as it indicates whether a natural birth is possible or if there might be a need for a C-section.

This is particularly relevant for certain breeds. Breeds with brachycephalic skulls, like Pugs and Bulldogs, often have broader heads relative to their birth canals, making C-sections a common necessity. It's an important consideration for breeders to ensure the safety of both the mother and her puppies during the birthing process.

During our recent vet visit, we learned another fascinating tidbit: if the puppies' teeth are visible on the X-ray, birth is likely within a day. Coco's X-ray didn't show any teeth, so we're anticipating about four more days to go. Meanwhile, I'm diligently checking Coco's temperature twice daily. This morning, it was 100.4°F. A sudden drop below 100°F will be my cue that labor is about 24 hours away.

As a breeder, these final days are a mix of nerves and excitement. Preparing for the whelping, ensuring everything is ready, and most importantly, hoping for a smooth delivery. We can't wait to welcome Coco's litter into the world!

Pregnant Bernedoodle sitting on couch
I don't know how she's fitting 6 puppies in there.

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