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I potty-trained my puppies with a litter box!

My litter is only one month old, and they're already making strides in puppy potty training. Initially, I expected my puppy playpen to be scattered with urine and poop, requiring constant cleanup. However, I’ve been noticing less and less mess each day as the puppies are adapting to the litter box system.

Aren't litter boxes for cats?

I didn't know litter boxes for dogs were a thing until I met the breeders of the stud I used for this litter. I asked to look at their playpen and noticed the litter box. They explained that it has a grid with pellets underneath and that their puppies were good at using it. After some searching, I found a similar one on Amazon.

Amazon listing for a dog litter box

I added lavender-scented bedding that I found at Petco, but I’m sure you can find similar options in many places. I kept placing the puppies on it repeatedly and waited until I saw one squatting or just finished peeing before placing them back on it. While things aren't 100% yet and I'm still cleaning up puddles, they’re getting the hang of it.

Here's the puppies potty training with the litter box

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